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Tradition and Prestige


The art of forging!

Generations follow one another, but the maintenance of traditions and know-how remains the same.

Thanks to a skilled craftsman’s labour, the forging of the blades with a hammer and the adjustment of the various parts composing the weapon itself and its scabbard are still carried out.

All our sabres and swords are forged according to the traditions of swordsmen.

To complete the finish, acid etching and blade customisation guarantee an exceptional product.

All models of military schools, including Saint Cyr, gendarmerie schools, police, fire brigades and republican guards are available and are customisable. Several governments and schools from Europe to Africa or from the United States to Asia are among our many customers.

We therefore offer a complete range of sabres and swords from the French, English and many other models from all over the world.

Forged, tempered blades, gold, silver, nickel-plated fenders, leather or metal scabbard, wooden handles, customisation, choice of finishes, emblems, engravings… Many models for all army corps, air, land, navy, but also republican guards, royal guards, regiments, officer and non-commissioned officer schools…

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